Fidler For House - District 94


To voters and Supporters of Fidler for House
It is my honor to have the opportunity to represent your voice at the state house in District 94!
THANK YOU to the NUMEROUS volunteers who have given of their time to make this campaign a SUCCESS. You have gone door to door for me, and with me. You have hosted meet and greets on your front lawns, in your homes, or public places. Thank you to the people who could not do this, but gave financially to this effort. And then there were others who gave both financially, went door to door, helped spread the word and gave other types of in kind services such as music, food, or carpentry skills.


Thank you to my husband and family, who will be sharing me, with you, the constituents. Thanks to my mom and dad!
Congratulations to other Elected officials, especially in the Legislature, and Senate.
I look forward to working with you so that we can keep our great state of Alabama, great.
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